NetWorker Disaster Recovery



I'm looking to run a DR of a NetWorker server in order to do a test for a customer whose asking for it, but the main server is still in production and working, so i need to run the DR on an entirely other server, virtual in this case.


Customer environnement:

Windows 2012 R2

NetWorker Built 204

Data Domain for backups destination and replication


From documentation, it seem to be possible, but they're listing the following:

Although the objective is the same as for the basic disaster recover to the same host, in this situation:


  • The NetWorker Server hardware is likely to be different and its connectivity and

        configuration might be different from the original. --> OK IP


  • Simply restoring the bootstrap and client indexes might not be as quick or as easy

        to perform. --> In DDBOOST device (Storage Unit won't be the same)


  • Additional changes to the configuration might also be required before the backup

        and recovery service is available. Like what ?


  • Immediate access to the original recovery media and the devices cannot be

        assumed. --> Storage Unit won't be the same, how to bypass this problem


  • The environment is likely to be different so that the SAN, IP, and storage units

        might not match the original server. --> Confirmed, if NetWorker server name changes, the SU will be different.


  • Additional steps might be required to make the NetWorker Server available. --> Like what ?
  • The availability of adequate bootstrap and index backups is required, but these

        might be copies of the original save sets. --> OK


  • Additional steps might be required to access the save set backups. --> Like what ?

In this situation, how can the data become accessible, since the SU will be different, based on name of the new NetWorker server ?  Could we clone the mtree holding the data and attach it to the new SU ?


If someone has an idea, it could be helpful in this situation.  Customer only want this for a test and will release the server once the test had been done.


Thank you,