VMAX3: RE (GIGE) ports will not come back online after a link down event


   Article Number:     503431                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




VMAX3 Series,HYPERMAX OS 5977,Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF)





After a link down event (such as one provoked by a switch/router reboot) GIGE RDF Ports do not come back online automatically due to rogue entries in the IP Gateway table which generate OSPF packets. The gateway is blocking communication between the gateway and the array.                                                           






This can be due to a misconfiguration in the network where the VMAX is unable to communicate via the gateway because the switch is generating incorrect ICMP Redirect.       
        The switch sends out ICMP redirects indicating to our system to use a specific gateway to access specific Host IPs. Our system handles this by adding the routes to the specific hosts. After this we would start using the gateway to talk to the specific remote Hosts on the subnet. However for this issue the gateway blocks communication from the gateway to the subnet. If it wasn’t blocking then failover would be seamless once the ICMP redirects were received from the switch and the communication would be up even if the switch continued to be down. We don’t receive further ICMP redirects to move back to the switch. This means that we would continue to use the gateway.






If you believe you have encountered this issue please contact the Support Center for assistance and quote this article ID.       
        Offline IML of the RE’s in question. Longer term, correctly configure the network.