DPA Dashboard buttons do not open reports in new tab as expected


   Article Number:     533421                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Protection Advisor





Custom dashboard templates allow users to implement an 'Add button' feature that will open reports/dashboards with the specified parameters when clicked.    
    After adding buttons to a custom dashboard in 18.1 the feature does not work as designed. The buttons in the dashboard will appear in grey (see below) and will not open additional dashboards or reports in the 'Run Reports' tab.    
    User-added image   
    If the dashboard template is run from Reports > Run Reports, the buttons appear in blue (see bellow) and will open addition dashboards or reports in a new tab in the Run Reports section.    
    User-added image   






This feature is not available for DPA 18.1 in the new HTML5 interface.    






Use the DPA 18.1 FlexUI or upgrade to DPA 18.2 where the feature is available in the new HTML5 interface.