DPA: The report format of the Backup Report Card report changed after upgrade.


   Article Number:     532114                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




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The report format of the Backup Report Card report changed after upgrade.   
    The report card report format in DPA 6.2 version:   
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    For example, after upgrade to 18.2 patch 5, the format of the Report card changed.   
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    As a result report card is different, fields have additional words "since" and "till".






The report card was redesigned so that it can use full days instead of block of 24 hours from end time. Unless the time frame used midnight, then the backups could be shown on the wrong days. The first and last column are the parts of the day determined by the start and end times of the report.   






In case it is wanted to use the old report card format instead of the new format which includes fields "since" and "till", the following steps can be preformed;   
    To fix the issue, need to upgrade the DPA version to below DPA versions:   

  •         DPA 6.5 B128 and above.     
  •         DPA 18.1 B64 and above.     
  •         DPA 18.2 B26 and above.     
    It is also needed to follow the below mentioned steps to set the interval after the DPA server upgrade.   
    Run the report>>Report Format>>Table format>>Series>>Map Fields>>Interval settings and set the Interval calculation to " Based on report end time".   
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In case of any issues as mentioned above and need any assistance, Please feel free to contact DELL EMC Support Team.