DPA - SMTP Security Settings for Publishing Reports via E-mail


   Article Number:     531099                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Protection Advisor





DPA is unable to publish Reports to the SMTP Server due to connection issue.   

      ERROR [com.emc.dpa.command.notification.NotificationSenderMDB] Problems while sending e-mail notification: Could not connect to SMTP host: SMTP-Host-Server-IP.com, port: 25, response: 554    






This could be caused by the security settings on the SMTP server .   
    To check, telnet to the SMTP Server on port 25 from the DPA Application server, confirm what connection error is echoed back.   
    In this case, the connection from the DPA Application server host was rejected by the SMTP server.   

      554 5.7.1 <DPA-App-Server-Host-IP.com>: Client host rejected : Access denied    






Add the DPA Application servers IP/Hostname to the SMTP servers Security Access List so it will accept a connection from this host.   
    On some SMTP servers, it may also be required to add the "From E-mail Address" being used by DPA to an Access List for authenticating with SMTP relays.