Data Protection Advisor (DPA): Data collection requests fail for VMAX with SYMAPI_C_INVALID_ARGS errors.


   Article Number:     531364                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Protection Advisor





Data collection requests for VMAX are failing.   
    In the request history, the following error can be seen in the information of the request:   

Agent returned a fatal error for file D:\dpa\services\.\agent\tmp\output\solutions_enabler_host\from_agent_123456789_ConnectorTypeSymAPI.DPA.123456789-Job.txt : One or more arguments are invalidSymSnapvxList exited with code 11 (SYMAPI_C_INVALID_ARGS) SessionId: 0    






Solutions Enabler was upgraded to version 9.                                                           






Currently DPA only supports up to version 8 of Solutions Enabler.  Note newer versions of Solutions Enabler may be supported in the future.  Please review Data Protection Advisor Software Compatibility to confirm.