VMAX3: ​FASTVP SLO demotions may impact host I/O performance.


   Article Number:     503760                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




VMAX Family,VMAX3 Series,HYPERMAX OS 5977,HYPERMAX OS 5977 5977.1125.1125





Potential performance issue.   
    FASTVP SLO demotions may impact host I/O performance. The fix disables SLO demotion which proactively demotes data from flash when exceeding FAST Service Level.






HYPERMAX OS error.                                                           






Fix 99194 addresses this issue and is available in the latest HYPERMAX OS Service Pack Release for Level 5977.1125.1125 and 5977.1131.1131.   
    Contact the Dell EMC Support Center or your local Dell EMC Service representative to determine if a HYPERMAX OS upgrade is appropriate for your environment, and quote this article number.