Two Brand New HCI Solutions Deliver Simple Paths to IT Transformation

The market for hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is exploding, with industry leader1 Dell EMC enjoying YoY growth of 64.2%1.

Now, two new HCI solutions unveiled by Dell EMC will help you provide an even simpler path to IT transformational for your customers.

VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail

For customers standardized on VMware and looking for the fastest possible IT outcomes, VxRail remains the best choice.

A recently announced Dell Technologies cloud platform offering, VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail provides a simple path to hybrid cloud with full stack integration that is future-proof for next generation VMware cloud technologies. Customers will benefit from features that simplify, streamline, and automate the operations of the entire SDDC through a single unified experience.

VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail features full stack integration, meaning both the hyperconverged infrastructure layer and VMware cloud software stack are lifecycle managed as one complete, automated, turnkey on-premises hybrid cloud experience; greatly reducing risk and increasing IT operational efficiency for your customers.

Introducing brand new VxFlex appliance

More exciting news comes with the addition of the VxFlex appliance to the VxFlex Family. It’s ideal for customers who may not yet be ready to invest in a VxFlex integrated rack (VxRack FLEX system), or for those not standardized on VMware and want hypervisor and bare metal choice.

This high-performing HCI building block brings the benefits of a turnkey enterprise system in a smaller and more economical form factor. It enables you to help customers:

  • Start smaller
  • Simplify deployment
  • Automate hardware, network, software lifecycles
  • Save with BYO networking


Meanwhile, a VxFlex OS 3.0 update enhances the entire VxFlex Family portfolio.

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1 IDC Worldwide Quarterly Converged Systems Tracker, April 2, 2019