ScaleIO vSphere Web Plugin Does Not Appear in vCenter


   Article Number:     517173                                   Article Version: 6     Article Type:    Break Fix 




ScaleIO Software






      Issue Description   


      After running the ScaleIO Plugin Setup PowerShell (.ps1) script and logging out and back in to vCenter vSphere Web Client, the ScaleIO Plugin does not appear as expected.   



  •         The ScaleIO PowerShell script reports registration of the plugin to vCenter was successful.     
  •         The script's internal Gateway or other web server does not receive a payload download request from vCenter.     


  •         The ScaleIO Plugin extension, com.emc.s3g.scaleio.vSpherePlugin, appears in vCenter's Managed Object Browser's (MOB) Extension Manager, at https://<vcenter address>/mob/?moid=ExtensionManager.     
  •         It is possible to successfully download the plugin payload (zip file) from the vCenter server, by accessing the URL listed in the MOB's Extension Manager, at https://<vcenter address>/mob/?moid=ExtensionManager&doPath=extensionList["com.emc.s3g.scaleio.vSpherePlugin"].server.     

              vCenter's virgo log does not log a payload download attempt at the time the user logs in to the vCenter Web Client.         
               The expected log message is similar to the following.       

    [2017-11-29 17:39:41.123] [INFO ] vc-service-pool-84           70000170 100015 200003 com.vmware.vise.vim.extension.VcExtensionManager                  Downloading plugin package from (no proxy defined)        



      ScaleIO deployment cannot proceed.   








      Root Cause   


      A vSphere vCenter software issue.   









  •         Unregister the ScaleIO Plugin.     
  •         Stop and start the vSphere Web Client service. Please note, it may take several minutes for the service to become available following startup.       
             In a vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) environment, execute service-control --stop servicename followed by service-control --start servicename, where servicename is vspherewebclientsvc for vCenter 6.0 and vsphere-client for vCenter 6.5.       
             In a Windows environment, stop and start the VMware vSphere Web Client service in Windows Service Control Manager (SCM).     
  •         Register the ScaleIO Plugin using the PowerShell script.     
  •         Log out and back in to the vSphere Web Client.     







      Impacted Versions   


      All. Not a ScaleIO issue.   


      Fixed in Version   


      N/A. Not a ScaleIO issue.