Data Protection Advisor: DPA agent can still register to App server and collect data successfully after agent password has been changed on server side[2]


   Article Number:     520934                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




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In DPA 6.5, one has changed the agent password via below command on App server.       
        dpa app agentpwd       
        After this change, one has not modified the agent password on agent side. Still, all the agents can register to App server and collect data successfully.






The product is functioning as designed.                                                           






After agent is registered it then uses private credentials which are generated on agent registration process. This private agent credentials are all different for all agents in users' environment.       
        That's why after user upgraded application server and set new agent registration password, the old agent continued to work properly (it didn't re-registrer and it didn't have to do it).       
        The situation on agent side will change if one upgrades the agent (on upgrade agent store is also wiped). After agent store deletion it will have to go and try to re-register, but will fail because new agent registration password was not set on agent side.