DPA scheduled reports show duplicate entries.


   Article Number:     519237                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Protection Advisor,Data Protection Advisor 6.4





A scheduled report of backup failed jobs shows duplicate entries for a client.                                                            






Customer was selecting the server name (Avamar node) and the domains under it together in the scope of scheduled report.    
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For the reports to prevent the duplicate data for a client, we need to uncheck the main server node. (In this case it is EMC Avamar) and only need to select the domains under it to get the desired results.    
    Correct settings for scope in the scheduled report configuration:   
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If we need to run the report for the node containing all the domains under it then we will check the server i.e. EMC Avamar. But, if customer wants to select some random domains under it, we will not select the server node in scope.     
    The screenshot is being taken as an example from support's demo labs.