Q1FY20 Dell EMC's Quarterly Partner Storage Training

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Welcome to the Q1FY20 Partner Storage Sales training page. On this page you will find all the information you need to know about this exciting training. On this page you will find the latest and greatest content we will be sharing throughout the training. At the conclusion of the training, we recommend you reference this page to get all the materials that was presented to you and the team.

What is Dell EMC's Quarterly Partner Storage training?

The quarterly partner storage sales training is a dedicated partner training for new storage sellers. During this training, you will learn all about the Dell EMC Storage portfolio that includes Modern Datacenter (Converged Infrastructure/Hyper-Converged Infrastructure/Modern Infrastructure Team), Data Protection Solutions and Unstructured Data Solutions.

When & Where is the partner training being held?

When: April 1-4, 2019

Where: 55 Constitution Boulevard – Regal Conference Room, Franklin, MA

Event Photos and Certificate of Completion

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Contact Information


John Chagnon at john.chagnon@dell.com

MDC Presenters:

Jason Varis at jason.varis@dell.com

Rima Robinson at rima.robinson@dell.com

Bill Donovan at William.DonovanIII@dell.com

Jenn Kabler at Jenn.Kabler@dell.com

Vito Ferrante at Vito.Ferrante@dell.com

Roderick Klinger at Roderick.Klinger@dell.com

Mark Kulacz at Mark.Kulacz@dell.com

DPS Presenters:

Doug Burke at doug.burke@dell.com

Dustin Zitzmann at Dustin.Zitzmann@dell.com

Patrick Tansey at Patrick.Tansey@dell.com

UDS Presenters:

Darren Drew at Darren.Drew@dell.com

Patrick Shea at Patrick.Shea@dell.com

Antoine Sbat at Antoine.Sbat@dell.com

Channel Programs and Incentives:

Cindy Spring at cindy.spring@dell.com


Case Studies:

MDC Case Study

DPS Case Study

UDS Case Study

Day 1:

NA Channel Role & Responsibilities with James Rogan

Marketing Presentation with Cathy Mayo

PXC Presentation with Rob Crotty

Deal Registration with Rob Crotty

Partner Academy with Chuck Reed

Partner Portal with Chelsea Martin

Services with Brian Abernathy

Social Selling with John Chagnon

Day 2:

Modern Datacenter Transformation

Dell EMC High End Storage Overview

Dell EMC Mid-range Storage Solutions

ISG Competitive Intelligence

Day 3:

Data Protection Solutions Presentation with Doug Burke,  Dustin Zitzmann, Patrick Tansey

Unstructured Data Solutions with Darren Drew and Patrick Shea

Day 4:

Channel Programs and Incentives with Cindy Spring

Direct link to MyRewards incentive

Direct link to Future-Proof Loyalty Program

Americas Tech Refresh email alias: AmericasChannelTechRefresh@emc.com

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