Connectrix B-Series: Detected termination of process mdd0:18551. "Software "assert" error detected "


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The rule might be set as below whose threshold is lesser than aggressive policy recommendation that is =>5.   
    PORT_C3Tx_TimeOut_Exceeds_1_Per_Min     |ALL_PORTS(C3TXTO/Min>4)                           |snmp severity=Error        |         
          Error messages in switch logs were as below:
    2018/07/10-11:07:10, [MAPS-1102], 218, FID 128, INFO, Sw_Name, Rule PORT_C3Tx_TimeOut_Exceeds_1_Per_Min is modified.       
        2018/07/10-11:07:11, [MAPS-1116], 219, FID 128, INFO, Sw_Name, Policy PPG_Default_Policy updated.       
        2018/07/10-11:07:11, [RAS-1005], 220, FFDC | FID 128, WARNING, Sw_Name, Software 'assert' error detected.       
        2018/07/10-11:07:12, [KSWD-1002], 221, FFDC | CHASSIS, WARNING, Switch, Detected termination of process mdd0:18551.       
        2018/07/10-11:07:12, [RAS-1001], 222, CHASSIS, INFO, Switch, First failure data capture (FFDC) event occurred.       
        2018/07/10-11:07:13, [TRCE-1001], 223, CHASSIS, WARNING, Switch, Trace dump available ! (reason: FFDC).       
        2018/07/10-11:07:13, [TRCE-1004], 224, CHASSIS, WARNING, Switch, Trace dump was not transferred because trace auto-FTP disabled.       
        2018/07/10-11:07:25, [MAPS-1201], 225, FID 128, INFO, Sw_Name, MAPS has started monitoring with PPG_Default_Policy policy
    The value set in the rule is lower than  the aggressive policy recommendations for E ports that is 5. (snippet attached)   
    Change  the value to =>5 and re-activate the policy.   
    Document to be referred:   
    Refer to page # 176 to 186 in the below document to understand which are the minimum and maximum thresholds that you can set for various rules and customize your policy without impacting (overloading) the MAPS daemon: