ViPR SRM How to discovery of Brocade switches through SMI-S Provider


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Sent customer the steps how to add the brocade switches via CMCNE(SMI-S Proviider)                                                                                                                           






    Please follow steps below to discover Brocade Switch through SMI-S collector.   
    1. You have to install the Brocade solution pack.   
    - After you installed the Solution Pack >> go to SolutionPacks >> Storage>> Brocade FC Switch >> open the Brocade-fc-switch SMI Data Collection   
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    On the Reconfiguring windows >> Click on the drop down of SMI-S Discovery Configuration option >>- Add a new SMI-S Discovery Configuration Option-   
    Please make sure the Restrict SMI-S to zoning discovery only is uncheck like below >> then hit the Reconfigure button.   
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    2. Add the SMI-S server to SRM    
    - Now you have to go back to Discovery Center >> Inventory Management >> Brocade SMI Provider   
    - click the add button >> then fill the information of your SMI Provider IP Adress/Username/password>> Click Validate add   
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     It will take few hours for Brocade switch data show up in the Report Library