ViPR SRM: Vmax performance Data is not getting reported in SRM


   Article Number:     517351                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




ViPR Family,ViPR SRM 4.1.1,ViPR SRM 4.2





;Errors found in the VMAX logs:   
    WARNING    – [2018-01-22 01:10:39 GMT] – AbstractCollector::pushNext(): Error pushing (r)1516580xxx: group::VMAX-Collector-SGUsedCapacity-VMAX Number-_SG(   
    {vmaxtype=VMAX2, collhost=host name, sgname=_SG, slobase=N/A, sloname=N/A, slowrkld=N/A, part=_SG, instncid=SYMMETRIX-+-VMAX number-+-_SG, sgcmpenb=N/A, source=VMAX-Collector, iolmstat=None, poltype=N/A, parttype=Storage Group, inmvsg=1, bwlimit=N/A, polname=N/A, tiertype=N/A, sstype=Block, serialnb=VMAX number, datatype=Block, slosrp=N/A, collinst=emc-vmax, childsgs=, w4ncert=1.0, sgcount=0, iolimit=N/A, devtype=Array, unit=GB, isfast=0, name=UsedCapacity, dyndist=N/A, device=VNAX number, datagrp=VMAX-STORAGE-GROUPS, isremrep=No, datasrc=SMI}   
    )=624.3069 to VMAX_GF_SGPROPS   
    com.watch4net.apg.v2.collector.PipeError: Cannot process the raw value   
    WARNING    – [2018-01-23 18:10:56 GMT] – HttpRequestGroup::handleResponse(): Unable to connect to host Host (500) for request https://@   
    /Backends/Topology-Service/Default/topology/repository/sparql in requets group VMAX-SPARQL-REPLICA-PATHS. Server returned the following message: Internal Server Error   
    SEVERE    – [2018-01-23 18:10:56 GMT] – HttpRequestRetriever::execute(): Unable to retrieve stream on any configured request group!   
    SEVERE    – [2018-01-23 18:10:56 GMT] – AbstractJobExecutor::executeJobRunner(): Error while executing job VMAX-SPARQL-REPLICA-PATH -> HttpRequestRetriever removing it from the queue   






The error of "Error in pushing the rawvalues to next filter component caused by ConcurrentModificationException" in vmax log is know issue and has been fixed in 6.9 and 6.8 u3 (SRM 4.1.2 and 4.2)                                                           






.There is no workaround for this issue and the only solution is to upgrade to a newer version (SRM 4.1.2 or SRM 4.2).