Linked vCenters with the ScaleIO plugin


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Linked vCenters share some of the same information, this includes aspects of the vCenter MOB. When one linked vCenter is registered with the ScaleIO plugin, all linked vCenters share the MOB that defines the ScaleIO plugin. The first registered vCenter will replicate its MOB information to the other vCenters.   
    In a linked vCenter environment, registering the ScaleIO plugin needs to be done this way.   
    In this example, we have 3 linked vCenters and 2 Windows jump hosts:   

  •         vCenter1     
  •         vCenter2     
  •         vCenter3     
  •         Jump host1     
  •         Jump host2     
    To register, run PowerCLI with the ScaleIO plugin registration script. Use any vCenter IP and any jump host to start with, in this example vCenter1 will be used and the script will be running on jump host1.   
    Once the PowerCLI script tells you to log out of vCenter and log back in to complete the installation of the ScaleIO plugin, do this for vCenter1. When you log into the vCenter1, the SIO plugin should be listed.    
    Note - If it is not listed, there is a firewall issue or some cleanup needs to be done and the vSphere web client service will need to be restarted.   
    Now that vCenter1 has the plugin, you can then start the process of getting the plugin for vCenter2 and vCenter3. To do this, keep jump host1 PowerCLI script running at the part where it instructs to logout and login to vCenter. Login to vCenter2 and vCenter3 and they will download and register the plugin. This works because these linked vCenters share the MOB of the first vCenter that was registered and vCenter2 and vCenter3 will know where to download the ScaleIO plugin from.   
    Note, in this scenario above, this is a fresh registration of the ScaleIO plugin.   
    Another consideration to the scenario above, if vCenter1 was registered by jump host1 and then vCenter2 or vCenter3 were going to be registered by jump host2, this would fail as the MOB will be stuck with jump host1 IP. All linked vCenters must be registered by the same jump host. To resolve this, simply start the script on jump host1 and connect to any vCenter, follow the instructions of the script.   






If the steps above don't help with registering the ScaleIO plugin, you will need to check connectivity, do a full clean up of the ScaleIO plugin, and restart the vSphere web client service. Please see the appropriate KBs below for instructions on how to do these tasks: