DPA Jobmonitor requests in 'Queued for Processing' state


   Article Number:     524883                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Protection Advisor 18.1,Data Protection Advisor 6.5,Data Protection Advisor 6.4,Data Protection Advisor 6.3,Data Protection Advisor





Several of the DPA Jobmonitor requests (for any Backup Application) are in a "Queued for Processing" state and do not change.    

  •         Incomplete Job Reports (e.g., missing clients)     
  •         Empty Reports which would result in scheduled reports not being published.     
  •         If alerting has been enabled, failure to get an alert of an event.     






Although there are many scenarios on why requests are in a "Queued for Processing" state the most common reason is due to the DPA Servers being restarted without first stopping the DPA processes first.  This is commonly seen after an O/S level patch implementation.   
    Due to the incorrect restart procedure, it created an orphaned transaction which failed to close properly which causes a disruption to any future transactions leading to requests being in a "Queued for Processing" state.   






Run the following query against the DPA Datastore to verify if these orphaned transactions exist:   
    For WINDOWS:   

  •         dpa ds query "select * from pg_prepared_xacts;" > preparedxacts.txt     
For UNIX:   
  •         ./dpa.sh ds query "select * from pg_prepared_xacts;" > preparedxacts.txt     
    If any prepared transaction do exist please contact Dell EMC Technical Support and provide the output file created from the above command.   
    They will be able to provide assistance on removing the orphaned transaction.