DPA: NetWorker Action Configuration Report does not report Networker Protection Policy, Action, and Workflow information


   Article Number:     522755                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Protection Advisor Family,Data Protection Advisor,Data Protection Advisor 6.4,Data Protection Advisor 6.5





The Data Protection Advisor NetWorker Action Configuration Report does not populate data when it is ran against the NetWorker Server.   

      The following reports are empty:   


      NetWorker Action Configuration     
      NetWorker Protection Policy Configuration     
      NetWorker Workflow Configuration   







This is caused by collection issues of action configuration. The NetWorker Job Monitor does not capturing this data.   
    Data Protection Advisor is not parsing the information from the nsradmin command.   
    This behavior is observed in Data Protection Advisor 6.5 patch 27






This happens after the upgrade of DPA to 6.4 patch 168, 6.5 patch 27 and above.                                                           






The fix to this issue is present in DPA 6.4.0 B173 and DPA 6.5 Patch 68.                                                           






Please contact DPA technical support for more information and assistance on this issue.