DCA V2/V3: Upgrade to 2.x/3.x reverts dca_log_cleanup.conf file to default


   Article Number:     504439                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Computing Appliance V2,Data Computing Appliance V3





When upgrading to any version -- 2.x or 3.x, dca_log_cleanup.conf file is overwritten or reverted to default configuration.                                                            






The existing code does not handle the preservation of dca_log_cleanup.conf file.                                                           






Performing an upgrade reverts dca_log_cleanup.conf to its default settings. Any customization of the file is lost.   
    This issue exists when performing upgrades to version 3.3 or previous versions.






Recovery of the original file is not possible if a backup was not performed prior to the upgrade.   
    1. Skip this step if a backup of dca_log_cleanup.conf is available.    

      Edit dca_log_cleanup.conf from /opt/dca/etc/log_cleanup/ with previous configuration on mdw.   
      2. Make a backup of default cleanup file on all nodes:     
gpssh -f /home/gpadmin/gpconfigs/hostfile 'cp /opt/dca/etc/log_cleanup/dca_log_cleanup.conf /opt/dca/etc/log_cleanup/dca_log_cleanup.conf.bak'      
      3. Copy the file across the cluster's /opt/dca/etc/log_cleanup/ directory:     
gpscp -f /home/gpadmin/gpconfigs/hostfile /opt/dca/etc/log_cleanup/dca_log_cleanup.conf =:/opt/dca/etc/log_cleanup/      
      4. Stop and start the dca_log_cleanup service across the cluster:     
gpssh -f /home/gpadmin/gpconfigs/hostfile 'service dca_log_cleanup stop'gpssh -f /home/gpadmin/gpconfigs/hostfile 'service dca_log_cleanup start'      






Dell EMC DCA Engineering is currently working on a fix for this issue for a future release.   
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    DCA V1/V2/V3: How to change the log retention policy in DCA for GPDB master and segment servers   
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