UnityVSA Community Edition License

When pasting Dell UnityVSA UUID to get community edition license , web page displays a popup "Not Connected. Verify Network".



My Dell UnityVSA is not connected to internet. Does it require an internet connection to generate license?




I assume that error generates if either of the following is true;



1. Community edition license is generated once per registered email address. However, I have tried

    to generate it via a new corporate email address, I get the same error.



2. Community edition license is only generated when UnityVSA appliance has internet connection.

     But, how Dell EMC can map a UUID to an installed appliance anywhere in the world. (does not

     make sense to me).



3. Dell EMC records public IP of Internet connection so that multiple requests can be blocked if

    coming from same ISP . I have tried from home , office and mobile , none works.


can anyone advise about the issue?