Where can I find the Centera hardware end of service life (EOSL) dates?








How  do I find the Centera hardware end-of-service life dates (EOSL)?


How can I be notified automatically when hardware is EOSL?




Registered EMC Powerlink customers can subscribe to the EMC Hardware Release and EOSL notifications from Powerlink. From the Powerlink home page menu bar select Support > Interoperability and Product Lifecycle Information > Product Release, End of Life Dates, Support Policy.

To subscribe to this document, click the “Alert Me” (lightning bolt) icon next to the document on Powerlink to add it to your Alerts Portlet. You can choose to be notified by email or each time you log in to Powerlink or both. By default, the Powerlink home page will reflect recently updated documents to which you are subscribed when you next log in to Powerlink.


The release date information in this document is organized into two sections: sorted by Model and sorted by End of Service Life date. Recent changes to the document are highlighted in red.


See also Knowledgebase article emc219363.