How to restart the Management Server



CLARiiON CX4 series, CLARiiON CX3 series, CLARiiON CX series, CLARiiON FC4700





Symptoms like the following:


  • A Fatal Event icon (red letter "F" in a circle) is displayed for some physical element of array, but Navisphere CLI reports no faults.
  • Host displays a "U" icon even after rebooting host.
  • Navisphere User Interface (UI) is displaying faults that Navisphere CLI is not showing or are different from what Navisphere CLI is reporting.
  • An unmanaged Storage Processor (SP) still has owned LUNs.
  • Navisphere User Interface (UI) hangs or freezes.
  • Navisphere User Interface (UI) is displaying faults but when I click on the faults option it says the array is operating normally.
  • Fault on primary array but all indications shows that the array is operating normally.
  • The Management Servers could not be contacted.
  • Clicking Fault icon returns "array is operating normally" message.
  • CX series array does not recognize the new DAE from Navisphere Manager.




Restarting the Navisphere Management Server (CIMOM) may resolve these issues. Follow these steps:


Note: This procedure  must be performed on both Storage Processors to be effective!


  1. Open a new browser window.
  2. Type in the address bar:

    http: //

    Where is the IP address of the Storage Processor (SP).
  3. When the screen has loaded, type in the Username and Password used to access Navisphere User Interface (UI).
  4. Once logged in, click the "Restart Management Server" button.
  5. Once the page has loaded, click the "Yes" option, and then click "Submit."


Please note, some of these symptoms might be resolved by performing this procedure. However, if this procedure does not work, further troubleshooting may be needed. If you contact EMC Support or your support representative, note any changes that have been made to the environment prior to opening a case.