XtremIO: RecoverPoint snapshots are seen in the GUI via admin


   Article Number:     504555                                   Article Version: 4     Article Type:    Break Fix 




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RecoverPoint snapshots are being seen in the GUI while logged in as admin.   
    This has been happening since upgrading to code v4.0.15.   
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This is caused by a bug in code 4.0.15 related to Java.                                                           






Login as admin through XMCLI and run show-volumes.    
    Compare that output with the list of volumes being seen in the GUI.   
    If only seeing the RecoverPoint snapshots in the GUI and not in XMCLI via Admin, then this is due to a bug in the code related to Java.   
    This will be fixed in code 6.0 where there will be a new WebUI that uses HTML instead of Java.   
    If having the snapshots showing in the GUI is bothersome, the tech preview version of HTML on 4.X. can be used. This should represent what the CLI says a little closer.