ScaleIO: ScaleiO Ready Node (AMS) reports "The SVM used disk space exceeds the configured threshold"


   Article Number:     504619                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




ScaleIO Ready Node Series





scaleio-trace-log reports:   
    Collected the following outputs from each node in order to determine where the space is being consumed.   
    # du -d 1 -h /   
    # find ./ -size +5M -exec ls -lh {} \;   
    Upon reviewing the above outputs, it could be seen that (/root/MegaSAS.log) was consuming the space.






MegaSAS.log filling up on each node.   
    The contents of these logs appear to be the controller configurations and version information, which are being repeatedly printed into the log file.   







      This is a known issue which is stated to be fixed in version 3.0.     
      The MegaSAS.log is only required if you have an issue with the RAID Controller.   


      Save off the logs, then run the following command on each server, to wipe out the contents of the MegaSAS.log.     
      # cp /dev/null /root/MegaSAS.log     
      This should stop the error being reported.