Strength in Dell EMC Unity

Continued Dell EMC Unity innovations expand cloud-based functionality and increase flexibility.

These new upgrades within the Dell EMC Unity 4.5 release include:

1. Advanced Dynamic Pattern Detection. This facility considers all data patterns, eliminating multiple copies of similar data blocks and enables customers to see up to three times overall data reduction savings with increased end-to-end efficiency.

2. Metrosync Manager which enhances the granular replication and failover capability of Metrosync with additional status monitoring and automation in the event of an outage.

3. File-Level Retention (FLR) maintains compliance with file data retention policies. It protects files from modification or deletion until a specified retention date, and allows customers to create a permanent, unalterable set of files and directories, simplifying the task of archiving data for administrators.

4. And finally, Dell EMC Unity Virtual Storage Appliance, or Unity VSA now has native High Availability (HA) for the Professional Edition.


What Unity 4.5 means for Partners?

These developments in innovation, quality and efficiency demonstrate Dell EMC’s continued investment and commitment to improvements in midrange storage – always giving you more value to sell to customers.

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