Smarts Server Manager: ESM is crashing every few days


   Article Number:     503059                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Smarts Server Manager





The Smarts ESM server is crashing every few days    
    The thread from the Smarts ESM log which points to the cause of the crash is:  (Located in the smarts/local/logs directory)   

      Thread 94 (Thread 140491691652864 (LWP 13108)):   
#0  0x00007fc73454149d in read () from /lib64/     
      #1  0x00007fc733efdcb5 in _lineread (fd=4, buf=0x7fc6c55f4780 "\020��\001", bufsz=<value optimized out>) at /work/redcurrent/DMT-     
      #2  0x00007fc733efde6b in sm_POSIXstacktrace (fd=-1, stdinfo=<value optimized out>, line=466, file=0x7fc734083608 "/work/redcurrent/DMT-") at /work/redcurrent/DMT-     
      #3  0x00007fc733efe8c8 in sm_LINUXstacktrace (fd=-1, stdinfo=0) at /work/redcurrent/DMT-     
      #4  0x00007fc733ef919a in fatalHandler (sig=11, info=0x7fc6c55f7e30, context=<value optimized out>) at /work/redcurrent/DMT-     
      #5  0x00007fc6e2228c72 in os::Linux::chained_handler () from /opt/InCharge9410/ESM/smarts/jre/lib/amd64/server/     
      #6  0x00007fc6e222eda6 in JVM_handle_linux_signal () from /opt/InCharge9410/ESM/smarts/jre/lib/amd64/server/     
      #7  0x00007fc6e22256f3 in signalHandler () from /opt/InCharge9410/ESM/smarts/jre/lib/amd64/server/     
      #8  <signal handler called>     
      #9  AccessorManager::setInstancePollingParametersInAccessor (instance=<value optimized out>, minimumpp=240, defaultpp=240, retries=3, timeout=0.69999999999999996, trace=0) at /work/redcurrent/DMT-     
      #10 0x00007fc72cfef88c in MR_PollingManager::setInstancePollingParameters (this=<value optimized out>, instance=<value optimized out>, newPollParams={timeout = 0.69999999999999996, minimumpp = 240, defaultpp = 240, retries = 3, trace = -1}) at /work/redcurrent/DMT-     
      #11 0x00007fc72d1d1d27 in MR_PollingManagerInterface::_insert_polling_parameters (this=<value optimized out>, value=<value optimized out>) at /work/redcurrent/DMT-
    ESM is crashing every time due to the JVM signal handler "JVM_handle_linux_signal" while inserting polling instrumentation objects.   
    The ESM log files also shows the ASL parser is looking for undefined key in the table instrumentTable[FS] and trying to instrument.    
    ASL-D-ERROR_UNDEFINED_TABLE_KEY_ACCESS-Attempted to access undefined key '&2' in table '&1'   
    . p1: instrumentTable[FS]   






This is being caused by stale entries in the rps file.                                                           






Please restart the ESM with empty rps and discover topology after restart.