Unisphere for VMAX: Reset of U4V Lockbox with updatessv fails with "ERROR - AMSCallbackBase:Missing required -cstdir argument"


   Article Number:     503014                                   Article Version: 4     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Unisphere for VMAX





Unisphere for VMAX on Windows platform SMAS service starts and then stops again.   
    In the smas.log:   

      ERROR [em.bp.SECURITY] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 80) CSTService.init:Failed to initialize: com.emc.csp.error.IOException: The Lockbox stable value threshold was not met because the system fingerprint has changed. To reset the system fingerprint, open the Lockbox using the passphrase. : File : C:\PROGRA~1\EMC\SMAS\jboss\standalone\data\cst/csp.clb   
    The required action to reset the U4V lockbox with command service.bat updatessv <U4VLockboxPassword> fails with:   
      c:\Program Files\EMC\SMAS\jboss\bin>service.bat updatessv <password>       
        Running command ["Update CST SSVs"]       
        The system cannot find the file specified.       
        CLASSPATH = "C:\PROGRA~1\EMC\SMAS\jboss .........."       
        log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger (org.hibernate.cfg.annotations       
        log4j:WARN Please initialize the log4j system properly.       
        ERROR - AMSCallbackBase:Missing required -cstdir argument       
        INFO - AMSCallbackBase:Usage: com.emc.em.common.security.cst.AMSCallbackMain {-c       
        stdir=<cstdirpath> -passphrase=<passphrase> -hostname=<name> {-inituser | -addho       
        st=<name> -removehost=<name> | -dbdump | -validate | -resign | -listhosts | -new       
        passphrase=<passphrase> | -updatessv} | -usage | -cstdir=<cstdirpath> -hostname=       
        <name> {-pam | -ldapdebuglevel={0,1,2,3} | -adduser=<username> -userpassword=<pa       






This failure to reset Unisphere for VMAX lockbox with the errors above can be caused by a corrupted service.bat file.                                                           






Please contact DellEMC support and provide:   

      1. emcreports collection from the Unisphere for VMAX node     
      2. full output from service.bat updatessv command   
    and quote this Knowledgebase article.