The rapid growth in co-working spaces, modern office lay-out offices and compatibility with multiple devices and platforms are an extremely critical factor for improving productivity and collaboration. Workspace configurations need to cater to shrinking offices without compromising on productivity real estate – their desks.


Dell USB-C monitors reduces cable clutter and provides a seamless connectivity experience for ultimate productivity. USB-C’s combination of video signal, data transfer and power delivery opens the way for a  new class of devices that satisfies universal connectivity and future readiness. The same cable that charges your connected client device from 65W up to 100W of power (depending on specific monitor model) is also safeguarded with Dell’s built-in surge protection.


Dell USB-C monitors are ideal for:

Dual-monitor productivity: Easily connect two monitors from a single USB-C connection for an 18% productivity boost.

Future ready workspace: Enable mobile workers with industry standard connectivity that is future ready and will work with all infrastructure environments.

Mixed environments: Solve complicated cable solutions that come with mixed environments by providing a simplified solution that works across multiple vendors


Dell USB-C monitor benefits:

Single cable connectivity: clutter free desk, industry standard connection, video, data and power in one cable

Fast and powerful: Transfer speeds are 10X faster than USB 2.0, delivers up to 100W of power (depending on model) that can charge most PCs including powerful workstations

Convenient configuration/setup: Reduces cost of owning and managing multiple cables and adapters, provides superior device compatibility that works across most vendor devices and operating systems.


Download Spec Sheet for a specific monitor model for more information.

P2219HC, P2419HC, P2719HC, U2419HC, U2719DC, U3219Q, U3419W, U3818DW, U4919DW


Note that U49419DW is available in select markets only. Please contact your Dell EMC account manager for details of local availability.