Show Customers how Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers Help Save Time and Effort

A Principled Technologies* study found that Dell EMC’s OpenManage Mobile app and iDRAC Quick Sync 2 technology enables IT data center administrators (ITDMs) to spend less time performing routine server management tasks.


ITDMs can connect to the latest Dell EMC PowerEdge servers via the OpenManage Mobile app on any Android or iOS device, and through the app, ITDMs can quickly perform routine, essential server management tasks.


The study found that performing a basic set-up of a new PowerEdge server and viewing server health and inventory via the app took less time and fewer steps than it would with the traditional, manual methods using the LCD front display screen or a crash cart. ITDMs experienced incredible time savings:

  • Up to 77% less time to view server inventory, firmware, and network details;
  • Up to 145 fewer steps to set up IP address and network settings;
  • Up to 28% less time to view system events and Lifecycle Controller logs.


Featuring the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, PowerEdge servers are built to enable IT Transformation – with scalable business architecture, intelligent automation, and integrated security provided as standard.


Promote these fantastic benefits and help customers improve productivity! Explore the research findings now:

> Download the report

> Watch the OpenManage video


* Principled Technologies report, commissioned by Dell EMC, ‘Save server management time and effort for IT staff’, July 2017.


** Not available in all countries – please contact your account manager for more information.