XtremIO: Performance degradation may occur from improper login of Xinstall user


   Article Number:     495672                                   Article Version: 5     Article Type:    Break Fix 




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Performance degradation may be seen by hosts using the array.   
    If a report is run to check XEnv utilization, one or more Storage Controllers may show drastically higher values than others, to about 90% or more.   






The issue is caused by invalid login attempts as xinstall user using non-SSH clients, such as an FTP or SCP client.   






Can occur after certain user actions (note: log collection from the XMS will NOT trigger this issue).   
    Security scan programs have been known to cause this issue.   






    It's advised to avoid running security scans on the Storage Controllers in order to prevent triggering this issue.   
    Also avoid any login to Storage Controllers that attempt to invoke xinstall user.   
    If you suspect this issue has been triggered, contact Dell EMC Global Support to open a Service Request.   
    XtremIO Engineering is currently evaluating a fix to prevent the issue from being triggered. No estimate is available at this time.