Grants Management Sample Application

The Grants Management Sample Application xCelerator can be downloaded from this page.  Note that this xCelerator was built for v6.5 an updated version for v6.6 will be added shortly.



The Grants Management sample application illustrates the use of xCP to configure a case management application.  Whether using it as a starting point for Grants or any solution based on xCP, it is comprised of many useful, reusable design patterns and demonstrates how xCP implements those patterns through configurable components rather than custom coding.




  • End-to-end demonstrable application
  • Solution patterns for both human and utility processes
  • TaskSpace User Interface screens
  • Best practices for action buttons, which trigger processes
  • Use of process signaling to a BAM control process
  • Integration with Corticon Rules Engine



The target users are:

  • xCP Designers
  • xCP Developers



Downloadable Content



DownloadList of Contents
Grants Technical Reference Guide
  • Grants Management Sample Application Technical Reference Guide

Grants Sample Application

  • Grants Management Sample Application Technical Reference Guide
  • Grants Management .dar file
  • Grants .war file


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ProcessDiagramjpg.jpg                GrantsPB.jpg

Grants Process (Business Analyst Model)              Grants Process (Process Builder)


GrantsTSjpg.jpg       GrantsBAM.jpg

TaskSpace End User Screen                                                      BAM Dashboard

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