DPA: Unable to discover NetWorker Server


   Article Number:     522979                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Protection Advisor






  •         Not able to discover NetWorker Server with locally installed agent.     
  •         Agent was not able to register with Server as agent password had not been set.     
  •         Agent password has been configured on the DPA Application Server.     






Agent could not register with the DPA Application Server as the Agent password not set which prevented collection of NetWorker server.                                                           






Installed DPA 6.5                                                           






The Agent password will need to be set on the Agent installed on the NetWorker server.  It can be set with the following command:   
    dpaagent --set-credentials -P {password}   
    Where {password} is the agent password set on the application server.  Note that the Agent will need to be restarted after setting the password.