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Welcome to the Dell EMC Isilon HealthCheck Documentation Information Hub. Here you can find documents and content related to HealthCheck service packs and the isi healthcheck command.


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Overview of HealthCheck

The isi healthcheck command enables you to evaluate the status of specific software and hardware components of the cluster and the cluster's environment.


Additional HealthCheck resources


The following are Knowledge Base articles with additional information about running and using HealthCheck. Access to Knowledge Base articles requires a login account for Dell EMC Online Support.

The following Best Practices guide is adapted from SolVe:

HealthCheck downloads

Access to the HealthCheck service pack downloads requires a login account for Dell EMC Online Support.

HealthCheck downloads are available from the OneFS downloads page and are listed in the Update section. Scroll down to Update and click the blue box to expand the list.

2019-10 RUPS

2019-09 RUPS