VMAX3 and VMAX All Flash: How to copy SMAS DB backup files (.dat) from Embedded Management for VMAX (Unisphere for VMAX) using vApp Manager (User Correctable)


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VMAX3 Series,VMAX All Flash,Unisphere for VMAX





Starting from the release 8.3 it is possible to make a copy of the data from vApp Manager for eManagement.   
    Please follow the following procedure to copy SMAS DB backup files:   
    1. Please login to vApp Manager using IP-address of eManagement and the port 5480 with the seconfig account and password   
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    2. On the bottom right of the screen in the Operation area  you will have an option to download logs and the data   
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    3. The Download Files Wizard will be opened   
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    You can download:   

  •         system database backups these are .dat file     
  •         Performance data (.dat files)     
  •         Performance Reports     

      Note: This Performance Backup file (.dat file)  is the same as you would receive from performance/settings/database/backup via port 8443, but makes it easier for CS to download a copy of it, in case container has to be reimaged.     
      These Performance backup files can be located in /opt/emc/SMAS/backup/SPA.   







It is also recommended to copy options and nethost files from eManagement. To do this please open the Download Files Wizard as described above and choose these files as shown below   
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    To restore these files please engage the Dell EMC Global Support.