ViPR Controller : Unable to assign a File Protection Policy template to a Virtual Pool


   Article Number:     526595                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




ViPR Controller,ViPR Controller Controller 3.6 SP2





The user is attempting to configure a scheduling of Isilon filesystem snapshots on a particular Virtual Pool and is unable to view/select a particular Virtual Pool in the Policy Template Assignment window via   
    VIPR UI > Virtual > File Protection Policy Templates > [Select a Policy] > Assign Policy






The file VirtualPool that the policy needs to be applied on was created with the Scheduled Snapshots feature disabled.       
        ViPR UI > File Virtual Pools > [select virtual pool] > Data Protection > Scheduled snapshots       
        Filesystems were then created using this Virtual Pool therefore preventing any modification to the virtual pool.







      Note: Ensure that all existing storage pools in the virtual pool have snapshot scheduling capabilities as enabling the "Schedule Snapshots" parameter filters the storage pools for this feature.     
      To test this, duplicate the existing Virtual Pool and enable the Schedule Snapshots option on the duplicate virtual Pool to to test if all storage pools are still visible.     
      1. List the VirtualPools and their URN id's     
              /opt/storageos/bin/dbutils list VirtualPool | grep "id:\|label"     
      2. Using the VirtualPool URN from Step1, dump the VirtualPool configuration to an XML file.     
              /opt/storageos/bin/dbcli dump -i [urn:storageos:VirtualPool:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX] -f [vPool_filename.xml] VirtualPool     
      3. Backup the XML file in the event that we need to reverse any changes.     
          cp [vPool_filename.xml] [Backup_vPool_filename.xml]      
      4. Using the vi editor, modify the XML file from step2, amending the parameter "scheduleSnapshot" and set it to "true"     
      5. Load the Virtual Pool change back into the ViPR database     
              /opt/storageos/bin/dbcli load -f [vPool_filename.xml]     
      6. Verify the parameter change took affect by checking ViPR UI > File Virtual Pools > [select virtual pool] > Data Protection > Scheduled snapshots     
      7. Assign the File Protection Policy template to the Virtual Pool.     
      8. Verify the snapshot schedule(s) were created on the Isilon     
      UI :  Data Protection > SnapshotIQ> Snapshot Schedules       
        CLI:  isi snapshot schedules list