What are the supported RAID types and protection on Celerra NX4?


Celerra NX4


What are the supported RAID types and protection on NX4?



These are is the currently (May 2010) supported disk configurations for NX4:

Disk Group Type      Attach Type     Storage Profile/Storage Pool  Default Number of Disk Volumes


2+1 RAID5*              SATA               clarata_archive                          2
3+1 RAID5*              SATA               clarata_archive                          2
4+1 RAID5               SATA               clarata_archive                          2
5+1 RAID5               SATA               clarata_archive                          2
RAID 1/0 (2 disk)      SATA               clarata_r10                               2
4+2 RAID 6              SATA               clarata_r6                                 2
2+1 RAID5*             SAS                 clarsas_archive                         2
3+1 RAID5*             SAS                 clarsas_archive                         2
4+1 RAID5              SAS                 clarsas_archive                         2
5+1 RAID5              SAS                 clarsas_archive                         2
RAID 1/0 (2 disk)     SAS                 clarsas_r10                               2
4+2 RAID 6             SAS                 clarsas_r6                                 2


* Indicates this RAID configuration is only supported on the DPE when the system has < 6 disks.


Note:  This information is subject to change as newer codes are being released. Please refer to "EMC Support Matrix for EMC Celerra" on Powerlink: Home > Support > Interoperability and Product Lifecycle Information > E-Lab Interoperability Navigator.


Direct link to ESM for Celerra: