Dell EMC VxRail transforms HCI Networking and enhances simplicity of VMware integrated cloud platforms

Dell EMC VxRail delivers a jointly engineered digital foundation, operational transparency, and automated connectivity

On November 6 at VMworld Barcelona, Dell EMC announced how VxRail transforms HCI networking and enhances simplicity of VMware integrated cloud platforms. In summary, the announcement included:

Automate connectivity


Jointly engineered digital foundation

  • with synchronous availability of vSphere/vSAN 6.7U1 in VxRail 4.7
  • VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail automates deployment and ongoing lifecycle management of VMware Validated Designs as a flexible architecture on VxRail with Enterprise-rich features.

Operational transparency

  • Deepest and most complete integration between VxRail manager and vCenter, allowing VxRail tasks to be managed directly from vCenter console

HCI continues to grow at an incredible pace, up over 70% YoY. Dell EMC has moved into a leadership position within the HCI market in a relatively short period of time, taking the No. 1 position in global hyper-converged systems revenue with continued growth more than double the market pace. Dell EMC will continue to extend that lead through years of experience developing, servicing and supporting the market globally. To support that effort, Dell EMC recently announced unique Dell networking automation for VxRail, even deeper integration between VxRail and vCenter, and increased customer flexibility through a new lower entry point and decoupling the embedded vSAN license. Through it all Dell EMC and VMware are working together more closely than ever as the two companies continue to invest together in this joint offering.

HCI requires a different approach to networking beyond a traditional three-tier network. Connectivity problems and poor network performance, including difficulty setting up networks on day one, are top of mind performance issues when considering HCI. Dell EMC VxRail with SmartFabric supported by Dell EMC networking switches with OS10 Enterprise Edition, is the first and only appliance to deliver fully automated network awareness and configuration during set up, cluster expansion, and during day-to-day management to help create IT certainty. Dell EMC S5200F-ON networking ethernet switches introduce 25GbE and 100GbE open networking connectivity designed for servers/storage demanding web and cloud environments. This innovative next-generation top-of-rack family of 25GbE switches, provides optimized performance both in-rack and between-racks, cost-effective 50/100GbE leaf/spine fabric, and migration capabilities for future connectivity needs.

There are more than 500k vSphere customers globally standardized on vCenter and VxRail enables these customers’ transformations to happen faster and be executed more efficiently due to automation and deeper integration. Only Dell Technologies can give customers a seamless experience through a jointly engineered digital foundation with VMware. Dell EMC VxRail helps customers continuously innovate with synchronous VxRail Appliance and VMware software releases. VxRail 4.7 was released within 30 days of vSAN/vSphere 6.7U1. VxRail and VMware are better together with tight integration and the easiest, fastest consumption path for latest VMware technologies from the edge (Dimension) to core (SAP HANA, vSAN) to cloud (VCF, Cloud Assembly).

Dell EMC is also providing a tech preview around VCF on VxRail Appliances, providing an automated deployment and ongoing lifecycle management of VVD on VxRail with Enterprise-rich features of multi-site and multi-cluster deployments, NSX-V and NSX-T, and with full hardware and firmware lifecycle management.

And lastly, VxRail two-node direct connect enables customers to deploy a VxRail cluster with two nodes instead of the previously required three. This lower cost entry point makes VxRail and HCI more accessible for more customers, including smaller organizations as well as large retailers or organizations with many remote locations that do not need a full three-node deployment.

The best option continues to be VxRail Appliances for customers standardized on VMware and looking for the fastest possible IT outcomes

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