VxRack SDDC: Customer cannot add node to existing VxRack cluster


   Article Number:     525130                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




VxRack SDDC 14G-1






      Customer cannot add a node to existing vxrack cluster. When customer tries to add 20 nodes to the cluster he may see this issue below:      
      VCF 2.3 / PowerEdge 14G    

    You do not have privileges to login to the system. Please contact system administrator for access.   
    User-added image   
Error: Upload failed Unable to add host to rack Error saving host { RackID XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX }    
User-added image   







      Timing Issue   







Perform the below steps:   

  •         If you see the message "You do not have privileges to login to the system..........."  in the login SDDC manager portal, please wait 30 mins, then try logging in again.     
  •         Alternatively try re-imaging the node being added     
  •         Try only adding 10 nodes at a time