VMAX, VMAX3, VMAX All Flash and PowerMax: Root Cause Analysis Eligibility


   Article Number:     524663                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




VMAX3 Series,VMAX Series,VMAX All Flash,PowerMax





In an effort to provide the best possible support, Dell EMC is focusing its Total Customer Experience (TCE) efforts on recent product software releases.                                                           






Dell EMC policy update.                                                           






Setting new Root Cause Analysis eligibility guidelines per policy update                                                           






Root Cause Analysis (RCA) requests will be honored for customer arrays running the current Target code (T) or newer (N) as well as the previous target code (T-1) as long as the current target code (T) has been target for less than six months. Once the current target code has been target for longer than 6 months, the previous target code (T-1) will no longer be honored for RCAs.         
          The table below details the minimum code revision levels acceptable for RCA requests as of 08/15/2018. (Please note, below revisions will change with new releases, but the document will not be updated)
    VMAX Family & PowerMax Root Cause Analysis Matrix:                                                                                                                           

Array FamilyNew (N)Current Target (T)Previous Target (T-1)Comment
VMAX-1 & VMAX-2-5876.309.xxx5876.288.xxxSee Note 1
VMAX3 & VMAX All Flash-5977.1131.11315977.1125.1125See Note 2
Note 1:         
          RCA support will be honored for VMAX 20K arrays with Mainframe connectivity running Enginuity 5876.288.xxx.  VMAX 20K arrays cannot upgrade to Enginuty 5876.309.xxx, and are the exception.         
          Note2 :         
          HYPERMAX OS 5977.1131.1131 was made Target on July 8, 2018.  RCA support at HYPERMAX OS 5977.1125.1125 will continue to be honored until December 8, 2018.






Customers who wish to pursue RCA for non supported code versions should contact their local Service Manager or SAM for escalation assistance. The support lab can put you in contact with these people but cannot escalate these requests.