Knowledge Base Article: 000526425

DP4400 Deployment: asking for Recover Point License (000526425) Integrated Data Protection Appliance Family



During the initial activation of deploying a DP4400, a Recover Point (RP) License is expected to be entered on some older orders. A fix was implemented to remove this requirement however, some initial units are reporting this issue.



During the initial activation of deploying a DP4400, we have found an issue where we had to install a RP license. It actually asks for an external vCenter for the initial activation.

A fix was implemented to remove the RP from the initial activation however, we have discovered that some initial DP4400 units shipped without this fix.



There are a number of older quotes which still have this requirement of entering the RP License information and for these units the License will need to be "broke" from the License bundle. The License bundle needs to be broken so not to include the RP vCenter ID.

Please open a Service Request with Licensing (SDS_GBS_Licensing_Escalation) and set the appropriate Severity Levels. The LAC is required which has the hardware serial number on the order.



Additional notes from a previous case: Found the issue was due to incorrect DD license where 'Recover Point license" was part

of the DD License. Upon Receiving the New License after opening an SR with the License team, we went with the 'Retry' button and deployment was Successful.