Encourage Customers to Explore the Advantages of a More Agile, Modular IT Infrastructure

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There’s no denying that data is today’s digital currency. It’s widening the gap between forward-thinking organizations that have made the move to modernize and automate their IT environments and those that are finding themselves struggling and increasingly held back by aging IT.


Producing data isn’t a problem; there’s plenty flying around all the time in the modern business world. It’s what businesses do with it that counts – that’s what delivers the competitive advantage.


How is your customers’ data stored? How fast can they process it? How quickly can they turn that raw data into insights that are useful in terms of achieving their business objectives?


Modernized IT delivers the difference

Data-driven technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are playing an increasingly important role in business success. Organizations with modernized IT are able to use these technologies to leverage their data, giving them a significant edge over their competitors. Meanwhile, companies with aging IT infrastructure are being left behind.


To stay competitive (and sometimes even to survive), organizations of all sizes must start to develop a comprehensive IT modernization strategy that addresses these success-critical issues.


The ability and agility to handle different workloads

Meeting the demands of today’s digitally driven economy requires a modern IT infrastructure that’s more fluid than traditional set-ups – an environment that’s able to quickly adapt and scale to suit rapidly changing workload and user needs. While reliability and predictability will always be important considerations, IT departments today also need to prioritize speed and agility.


A modular IT infrastructure is the perfect solution for most organizations’ needs – and it can play a key role in enabling IT Transformation.


Modular servers make life easier for everyone

Modular servers make it easier for users to quickly and efficiently scale and manage both traditional and emerging workloads in a reliable and predictable way. Often while also introducing significant operational and cost efficiencies. That’s a potential win:win situation for both you and your customers.


A recent white paper by industry analyst Hurwitz1 reported that businesses that use modular servers to transform their IT infrastructure can help accelerate innovation and create an underlying environment that can scale with the business. The study found that 20% of the overall compute in companies with a modernized IT infrastructure is comprised of modular servers, compared with only 5% in aging companies.


Dell EMC has created an eBook2 that provides essential information about the benefits of modular infrastructure and how it supports IT Transformation.


This key resource outlines the potential for IT departments, IT users and the wider organization of implementing a modular IT environment and also introduces the significant advantages of investing in ‘kinetic infrastructure’, which is available for the first time on the new Dell EMC PowerEdge MX modular server.


Introducing IT that evolves to meet changing business needs

Built from the ground up and powered by the latest generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors (with an Intel® QuickAssist Technology option), the brand new PowerEdge MX is a modular design that was specifically developed to support and enable IT flexibility and business agility.


Based on the incredible 11-year longevity of the forerunning PowerEdge M1000e, PowerEdge MX is a scalable server solution that customers will be able to use and rely on for years to come, helping organizations to protect and extend their infrastructure investments.


It’s specifically designed for the software-defined era and can power everything from database applications to big data analytics and high-performance workloads, delivering in 3 key areas:

  • Flexible architecture
  • Agile management
  • Responsive design


Promote Dell EMC PowerEdge MX: IT unbound

The new Dell EMC PowerEdge MX modular sever features kinetic infrastructure, a dynamic IT infrastructure that instantly responds, adapts and evolves with shifting needs – operating efficiently regardless of the variety of workloads it’s handling.


This means it has the ability to disaggregate and pool compute, storage and networking to dynamically allocate and reallocate resources where and when they’re required – enabling your prospects and customers to not only benefit from optimal agility, but also to unlock value by reclaiming and repurposing stranded capacity and by minimizing overprovisioning.


Take some time to discover how dynamic infrastructure and the idea of IT unbound can help your customers…



> Access the E-Book to brush up on the benefits of modular infrastructure

> Read the Hurwitz report


1 Hurwitz white paper, sponsored by Dell EMC, ‘How Dynamic Infrastructure Accelerates Business Innovation: Kinetic Infrastructure and Dell EMC PowerEdge MX, 2018.


2 Dell EMC eBook, ‘The Role of Modular Infrastructure in IT Transformation: How a flexible and scalable infrastructure can help companies handle traditional and transformational workloads while preparing for future growth’, 2018.