How to enable SMB2 on a Celerra Data Mover



Hardware:  All Celerra Products


Software: NAS code and later




How to enable SMB2 on a Celerra Data Mover





Use the following command:


server_cifs server_2 -add security=NT,dialect=SMB2


The Celerra will still negotiate the protocol version with the client. If the client does not support SMB2, it will be used SMB1.


Note: Hosts that support SMB2 are Windows 2008, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.


Some of the features introduced by SMB2 are:


  • Support for more concurrent open files and number of shares

  • Better transaction support

  • Client Side Encryption

  • Support for symbolic links

  • Support for compounding operations, resulting in less overhead traffic

  • Support for larger buffer sizes


Please, refer to Microsoft's documentation for more details regarding the SMB2 protocol.