How to install an Avamar .avp hotfix using Avamar Installer (AVI)


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The goal of this KB Article is to provide instructions for customers to upload and install hot fixes for their Avamar systems to address the ESA/ETA/Bugs .   













This procedure describes how to install various hotfixes on an Avamar Server.  The steps for applying the hotfix is consistent for all Avamar Server versions, however, the screenshots used in this KB article are for reference only.  The actual screens on your system may appear slightly different. Always check history tab to verify previously installed hotfix follow Appendix B for instructions.                                                           







      Avamar utilizes an Avamar workflow package (AVP) that automates the software steps needed to complete this activity. While this is an automated process, monitoring progress and response to prompts for user input, including any errors that may occur during the operation, is required.   

  •           Valid license installed on the Avamar Server       
  •           The Avamar system is healthy and functioning normally       
  •           Internet Explorer, FireFox, or Chrome web browser.       
1. Copy the Installation package to the Avamar Server   

      Before installation of the software, the Avamar Hotfix package (.avp file) needs to be downloaded and copied to the Avamar Server.  The .avp file will typically be provided via a KB article (refer to the notes for examples)     
      Using WinSCP, or similar, upload the avp package to Avamar Server and place it into /home/admin.     
      Log in to the Avamar server, su to the 'root' user, move the .avp to /data01/avamar/repo/packages and check that the file is in place     
      For example   

root@utility:~/#: cd /home/admin/me/root@utility:/home/admin/me/#: lsv18_1_0_33_mc_cumulative_201808.avproot@utility:/home/admin/me/#: mv v18_1_0_33_mc_cumulative_201808.avp /data01/avamar/repo/packages/root@utility:/home/admin/me/#: ls /data01/avamar/repo/packages/v18_1_0_33_mc_cumulative_201808.avproot@utility:/home/admin/me/#: ls -ltrh  /data01/avamar/repo/packages/total 373M-rw-r--r-- 1 avi avi 373M Dec  3 15:45 v18_1_0_33_mc_cumulative_201808.avp     

      2. Run the Installation Workflow Package (AVP):     
      To run a workflow package, perform the following:   


      In the web browser URL address box, type:     
      https://<avamarserver>/avi/  or https://<avamarserver>:7543/avi/  for newer version.     
      Where <avamarserver> is the hostname or IP address of the Avamar Server   


      The Avamar Installation Manager login page appears.     
      You may receive a security warning from your browser and be required to add an exception prior to reaching the login screen.    


      Installation Manager Login   


      Type the root user in the User field and the password in the Password field then click Login.     
      The Avamar Installation Manager page appears.     
      When the Avamar hotfix package appears, click the Install button to execute the workflow.     
      Note: If the package is not visible in the Avamar Installation Manager, verify the package was copied to the correct location.     
      It may take up to 15 minutes for the package to appear.  Click the refresh button in the top right of the window to refresh the package list.     
      The Installation Setup screen below will appear:   




      Click on the "Continue" at the bottom of the screen.   


      The installation will run and will display its progress.   




      Once the installation has completed, the progress page will show "Completed hotfix-xxxxxx" in the information log at the bottom of the page.     


      The procedure is completed and you may log out and exit out of the Avamar Installation Manager.     
      For any questions or issues with this procedure, contact your account representative or DELL EMC customer support at     







    Instructions for copying  Hotfix AVPs to the Avamar system.   
    Method 1:   
    1. Download the AVP hotfix file for the appropriate Avamar version.     
    2.Login to Avamar as the admin user.    

        3. Copy the AVP from the location you downloaded it to to the Avamar Server directory /usr/local/avamar/src/     
        4. Move the AVP file to the packages directory       
        mv /usr/local/avamar/src/v7_x_x_HF_xxxxxx.avp  /data01/avamar/repo/packages/     
    Method 2    

        1.Download the AVP hot fix file for the appropriate Avamar version.       
        2,Login to Avamar Installation Manger       
        3.Navigate to repository tab and upload required AVP       
        Proceed with the steps from the resolution section to install the hot fix.        
        Uploading file using method 2       
        APPENDIX B:       
        How to check previously installed hotfix        
        1.Login to Avamar installation Manager.       
        2.Navigate to history tab to check previously installed hotfixes.        
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