ViPR Controller: How to migrate an ESX cluster from one vCenter to another while retaining the existing storage.


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ViPR Controller Controller 3.6,ViPR Controller





Procedure to migrate a VIPR Controller managed  ESX cluster to a new vCenter and retain the same volumes/ExportGroup.   
    1. Switch off auto-discovery for vCenter within the ViPR-C UI.   

      Method 1 : (ViPR Controller UI > System > General Configuration > Discovery > Enable Auto-Discovery ( Set to False)   
      Note: This will require a reboot of  VIPR Controller.   
      Method 2 : Disable discovery in ViPR Controller  by updating both vCenters with the wrong credentials.     
      (ViPR Controller UI > Physical > vCenters)     
      This prevents discovery from running while the customer is moving hosts/cluster to the new vCenter.   
    2. In a vSphere client, migrate the cluster/hosts from the original (source) vCenter & configure on the target vCenter (using the same cluster name as the original).   
    3. Use viprcli commands to align the ESX hosts to the new target vCenter and VirtualDataCenter:   
              viprcli host update -hl "Hostname" -ndc "new_vCenterDataCenter" -vc "new_vCenter"   
    4. Configure the cluster in ViPR Controller to align with the target Datacenter & vCenter:   
                          viprcli cluster update -name "clustername" -dc "old_vCenterDataCenter" -vc "Old_vCenter" -ndc "new_vCenterDataCenter" -nvc "new_vCenter"     
    5. Enable discoveries in VIPR Controller again (reversal of Step 1).   
    6. No actionable events related to the migration should be generated as the VIPR-C DB has been modified to reflect the changes.