NetWorker: Error: 'Warning-'<file-name>' size grew during save'


   Article Number:     503732                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




NetWorker,NetWorker 9.2,NetWorker 9.1,NetWorker 9.0,NetWorker 8.2





Backup succeeds but gets marked as failed in NMC. The failure message indicates: Error: 'Warning-'<file-name>' size grew during save'   

      129292:save: Successfully established Client direct save session for save-set ID '3634349703' (nw_client_name:/dir) with Data Domain volume 'DataDomain.001'.       
        nw_client_name: /dir level=incr, 117 MB 00:00:03 8 files       
        completed savetime=1503641693       
        94694:save: The backup of save set '/dir' succeeded.       
        --- Job Indications ---       
        Warning: `/dir/some_file' size grew during save       
        Expected 59674974 bytes for `/dir/some_file', got 59680075 bytes       
        nw_client_name:/dir: retried 1 times.
      Note: Above information has been changed, it does not reflect exact output. Client names and saveset information will vary.   






This is expected behavior. It will commonly occur on log files; however, any file which has heavy activity/many changes during the save session will report this warning.                                                            






As indicated this is a WARNING, it is not an indication of FAILURE; however, to resolve this warning you can apply logasm to the directory/file in a NetWorker directive.    
    logasm enables file changes during backup sessions. logasm can be used for “log” files and other similar files where a file changing during a backup operation is not noteworthy.   
    Note that setting logasm on a specific directory/file does not resolve this warning for ALL directories/files on this client; however, it can be set recursively on a directory tree. You will need to create a separate logasm for each directory/file path if it is not part of an already specified directory tree with a recursive logasm. Once configured you will need to apply this directive to EACH client that reports this warning.   
    Directives can be created under:   

      NW 8.x: NMC-->Configuration-->Directives     
      NW 9.x: NMC-->Server-->Directives   
    To apply logasm on one specific directory (only files in directory specified will have logasm performed):   
      << /var >>       
        logasm: *.*
      To apply logasm recursively to a directory (all directories from directory specified down will have logasm performed):   
      << /var >>       
        +logasm: *.*
      Once the directive is configured it can be added in the client properties:     
      User-added image     
      For more information on directives and other maintenance commands see the NetWorker Administration Guide and NetWorker Command Reference Guide for your NetWorker server version.