Knowledge Base Article: 000525866

DP4400: Avoid known NTP issue which causes deployment failure (000525866)


Note: This knowledge base (KB) article should be followed before deploying the DP4400.


The following steps are required in order to avoid a possible clock mismatch in ESXi which could lead the deployment progress getting stuck at 14%.


--If you have run into this issue without following the work-around steps below, please do not reboot the appliance and follow the instructions as laid out in this Knowledge Base article 525309

  1. BEFORE starting appliance configuration for Deployment you will need to set the customer's NTP server on the ESXi server via GUI and then start the configuration.
  2. Login to the ESXi Server using 'root' and the default password.
  3. Set the NTP on ESXi and restart the NTP service from the ESXi Web UI.rtaImage.png
  4. Shutdown the DataProtection-ACM Virtual Machine from the ESXi UI (right-click VM->Guest OS->Shutdown).
  5. Unselect the “Synchronize Guest Time with Host” checkbox option on DataProtection-ACM VM from the VM Settings Page (VM Options => VMware Tools => Expand It).rtaImage2.png
  6. Start the DataProtection-ACM VM.
  7. Login to the ACM VM Console and type 'yast' command using either SSH or VM Console. Select 'System' -> 'Data and Time' using navigation keys, tab and enter keys.rtaImage3.png
  8. Select "Other Settings" using the 'Tab' key and press 'Enter' key.rtaImage4.png
  9. Select “Synchronize with NTP Server” option using tab and space keys and specify NTP server of customer environment here. Check on “Run NTP as daemon” and “Save NTP Configuration” using tab and space keys. Select ‘’Synchronize now” using tab and press enter key and wait till synchronization with this NTP is done successfully.rtaImage5.png
  10. Once synchronization is done, select “Accept” using tab and press enter key.rtaImage6.png
  11. Select "OK" using Tab key and press Enter key.rtaImage7.png
  12. Select "Quit" after that using the Tab key and press Enter key.rtaImage8.png

This completes the NTP Configuration on ACM.

After completing this step, you can proceed with further configuration using the ACM Wizard from ACM GUI.