ESG Research Highlights the Impact of Modular Compute in Modernized IT Infrastructures

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Organizations are increasingly aware of the need for IT Transformation. Yet in many companies, risk aversion is still a key driver in IT decision-making. Is that the case with some of your prospects and customers too?


With so much riding on the availability of digital IT services, these risk averse companies have traditionally, and quite rightly, prioritized reliability and predictability in their IT infrastructures. But modern business also demands fast and flexible IT—and the focus is shifting…


Modern IT organizations favor speed and agility over predictability and reliability (although these are understandably still key considerations). A recent ESG study* found that modern IT organizations believe that focusing on reliability and predictability is a losing battle and, as a result, more traditional ‘aging’ IT organizations—as defined by ESG research—are struggling.

Optimal agility and flexibility

Industry analysts agree that modernizing the IT infrastructure to prioritize more agile and flexible IT service delivery is the key to continued success. Many organizations choose to achieve that by deploying a higher proportion of modular compute than their more traditionally minded counterparts.

The launch of new Dell EMC PowerEdge MX modular infrastructure gives you a great opportunity to persuade customers about the impact of modular compute—and how it can help them to make the move the modernize their IT.

Modernizing and automating the IT infrastructure is a fundamental step on an organization’s journey towards IT and Digital Transformation. And the benefits extend far beyond IT service delivery and the satisfaction of internal consumers. In the ESG study, so-called ‘modernized’ IT organizations were far more likely than ‘aging’ IT organizations to identify the role that their infrastructure technology played in the delivery of a greater set of business rewards.

Modernized IT makes use of modular servers

Of course, achieving the necessary IT speed and agility—combined with strong reliability and predictability—requires the right IT personnel as well as the right modern infrastructure technologies. Only then can IT organizations truly keep pace with modern business demands.

However, there’s no denying the impact that powerful and incredibly beneficial modular compute technology has on both IT Transformation and in enabling the success of modernized IT organizations. The ESG study presents a compelling case for why these companies choose to leverage modular server technology.

Ultimately, the study found that the benefits of modular servers align almost directly with the priorities of modernized IT. Modular servers not only deliver significant benefits in speed, agility, simplification, reliability, and cost—but the average impact of each benefit is also substantial.

Promote the business benefits of modular compute

Making the move to modernize the IT infrastructure is not only beneficial for organizations—it has become a necessity. What’s more, the rewards for opting to invest in technologies that enable the agile and speedy delivery of IT are substantial.

ESG found that businesses with modernized IT are more innovative, capture more market opportunities, achieve higher revenue, improve customer satisfaction and are simply more competitive.

Crucially, the study participants themselves reported significant benefits from their decision to deploy a modernized IT infrastructure enabled by modular compute:

  • Easier to manage – reducing administration time by 33% on average.
  • Faster to deploy – reducing deployment time by 35% on average.
  • More reliable – reducing service outages by 40% on average.
  • Lower cost – reducing procurement costs by 32% on average.


Most importantly, however, the study data revealed a multiplier effect when modernized IT and modular server technology are combined—producing even larger and more prevalent benefits.

Introduce customers to PowerEdge MX: IT unbound

Brand new Dell EMC PowerEdge MX modular infrastructure is designed to grow and evolve with the modern software-defined data center. Powered by the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, it allows organizations to flexibly configure and optimize their IT infrastructure at all times, so they can take advantage of truly modernized IT and run both traditional and transformational workloads for years to come.

With PowerEdge MX, customers can dynamically adjust their IT resources as their business needs fluctuate – assigning the right resources for the right workload at the right time. This ‘IT unbound’ approach delivers optimal agility and flexibility to meet constantly changing business demands in today’s digital economy.

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* ESG white paper ‘Insights from Modernized IT: Modular Compute Can Have a Big Impact’, August 2018.