SRM 4.0.1: Some Block Volumes from ViPR-C not shown in reports


   Article Number:     500825                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




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Around 400+ Block Volumes from ViPR C are missing in  All>>Report Library>>EMC ViPR Controller>>Inventory>>Block Volumes>>List of Block Volumes reports       
        In the collecting logs we could only see the below error:       
        SEVERE – [2017-02-21 06:20:35 CET] – AbstractStreamHandlerJob::prepareNextStep(): Error executing handler XmlReader         
 Error while converting SafeXMLStreamReader to a DOM document         
          Caused by: ParseError at [row,col]:[1,539339]         
          Message: XML document structures must start and end within the same entity.
        Checked that the VPLEX for the corresponding volume is discovered successfully and that the VPLEX shows the corresponding 'Device Label' when we check for volumes in the VPLEX reports.       
        When we enabled file connector we couldn't see data for the missing Block volumes.       
        Curl command was working fine.






The above error is related to BlockVolumes collection only.   






Done the below Troubleshooting steps To identify the issue:       
        1-We could see the below errors in the logs twice in one polling cycle:

      SEVERE – [2017-02-21 06:20:35 CET] – AbstractStreamHandlerJob::prepareNextStep(): Error executing handler Error while converting SafeXMLStreamReader to a DOM documentCaused by: ParseError at [row,col]:[1,539339]Message: XML document structures must start and end within the same entity.    

      2-Suspected this to be a problem with the amount of data coming in, which is too much for collector to handle, we reduced the data-set size in getBlockVolumes.xml file from default 1000 to 500.   


      3-This again produced same error messages in log file twice.         
          4-Reduced the data-set size to 300 this time and increased the data-timeout and connection-timeout settings to 300 seconds in getBlockVolumes.xml.         
          5-This time, though the same error still came, number of volumes in reports increased (after running import-variable status on BE0 and import properties task), and now the difference was around 150 volumes.         
          6-Above indicated that there's a problem with two data-sets (or two volumes) which are part of those 300 IDs data-set, which is causing rest of the elements in data-set to be dropped once processing fails for them.


      7- To prove above, we reduced the data-set size to 20, and this again produced 2 same errors as before, but now the difference between actual count and report count was only 18.   


      8- Above proved that the problem is with 2 specific volumes.         
          Customer deleted the two problematic volumes on ViPR controller and now everything is seems to be normal