ViPR SRM/Watch4Net: Centera Data Collection not working


   Article Number:     498541                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




ViPR SRM,Watch4net





ViPR SRM/Watch4Net: Centera Data Collection not working   
    Can see the centera collecting 0-0.log:   
    SEVERE     -- [2017-04-10 00:44:44 AST] -- DataListener$ValueFormatter::createValues(): No value found for key write_perc_trans, context CENTERA0 and properties {password={x}, collectionHost=x, clipath=conf/scripts/lib/Linux, collectionInstance=emc-centera, host=x.x.x.x, connection=local, cap_polling=45, perf_polling=10, username=x}   
    INFO     -- [2017-04-10 00:44:44 AST] -- Collecting$CollectingJobHook::completingJob(): Completed collecting configuration CENTERA-UTILIZATION for context CENTERA0 in 1631 msec   
    INFO     -- [2017-04-10 00:54:43 AST] -- Collecting$CollectingJobHook::preparingJob(): Launching collecting configuration CENTERA-UTILIZATION for context CENTERA0   
    WARNING     -- [2017-04-10 00:54:45 AST] -- PatternExtraction::extract(): Couldn't extract pattern (?s).+?Read statistics.+?Total read.+?([-\d.,]+) (\S+).+?Average throughput.+?([-\d.,]+) ([\S ]+?)[\n\r].+?Total transactions.+?([-\d.,]+).+?Average transactions.+?([-\d.,]+) ([\S ]+?)[\r\n].+?(?:.*?Average size\s+:\s+([-\d.,]+) ([\S ]+?)[\n\r])?.+?Maximum lookup time\s+: ([-\d.,]+) ([\S ]+?)[\r\n].+?Total written.+?([-\d.,]+) ([\S ]+?)[\n\r].+?Average written.*?([-\d.,]+) ([\S ]+?)[\n\r].+?Total transactions.+?([-\d.,]+).+?Average transactions.+?([-\d.,]+) ([\S ]+?)[\n\r].+?(?:.*?Average size\s+:\s+([-\d.,]+) ([\S ]+?)[\n\r])?.+?Read percentage \(bytes\).+?([-\d.,]+)[\n\r].+?Write percentage \(bytes\).+?([-\d.,]+)[\n\r].+?Read percentage \(transactions\).+?([-\d.,]+)[\n\r].+?Write percentage \(transactions\).+?([-\d.,]+).* for entry '   
    Centera interactive shell (Implementation CLI 4.3.2306, 2013-08-09)   
    Connected to RemoteManager at x.x.x.x. using FRMP version 3682 2   
    Command failed: Command not authorized   
    Type "help" for available commands.   
    Config# temporarily   
    Incorrect or ambiguous command   






SRM user used to discover centera did not have monitor role enabled.                                                           






As per the vipr srm solution pack guide available from   
    Preparing Centera arrays for discovery and data collection   
    1. Identify the ViPR SRM Collector host which supports EMC Centera Viewer CLI   
    2. Identify the username (with monitor role enabled) and password.   
    3. Record this information. You need it to install the SolutionPack