Symmetrix: Identifying the environmental error code in Service Alerts or Service Information Messages (SIM alerts).


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Error message: IEA480E cuuu,SCU,SERVICE ALERT,MT=xxxx-xx,SER=,REFCODE=aaaa-0000-0000   
    Error message: HCP403I rdev {SCU|CACHE|DASD|MEDIA} SERVICE ALERT, MT=tttt-mm SER=mmaa-bbbbbbb   

                             REFCODE=aaaa-cccc-cccc [ID=id] [VOLSER=volser] [CCHH=X'cccc hhhh']     
    Error message: 0P64I P  MAINT REQD SYSXXX=459   
                             CCSW=00D007C8C002000000 CCB=08BA48 SK=000080000000     
                             SNS= 00xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxaaaa     
                                       xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx   
    Error message number sometimes erroneously reported as OP641 or OP64I   
    Symmetrix reports error conditions to the host and to the Dell EMC Customer Support Center (via its Autocall feature). Symmetrix presents a unit check status in the status byte to the channel whenever it detects an error condition such as a data check, command reject, overrun, etc.   
    Symmetrix also presents a unit check status (environmental-data present) whenever it detects an environmental violation.  Symmetrix runs a series of internal tests on its components at least once every 24 hours and monitors critical components continuously. It also runs these tests when initially powered up or when a software reset has occurred.  These tests check for a low battery charge or AC power failure, or redundant component failure.   
    If, while running its environmental tests, Symmetrix detects an error condition, it sets a flag to indicate a pending error and will present a unit check status to the host on the next I/O operation.  Symmetrix then schedules the test that detected the error condition to be rerun in two hours.  If a device-level problem is detected and reported, subsequent failures of that device are not reported until the failure is fixed.   
    The sense data symptom codes (sense bytes 22 and 23), also called REFCODEs, are unique to Symmetrix.   
    The environmental error code is shown as "aaaa" in the above messages to help identify the location of the code.   
    For an explanation of the error code, please refer to the chapter on Error Reporting in the Product Guide for your specific Symmetrix product.